Luca Bazan

Hi! My name is Luca, I live in Italy, near the beautiful Venice. I’m an expert in Digital Marketing, Photography and Video and when I was 24, I obtained my post-graduate Degree (MA 110/110 Cum Laude) in Multimedia Communication at the University of Udine – Italy. I am specialized in Digital Marketing and and its implementation with new multimedia technology.

Now I work as Digital Marketing Specialist in an multinational corporation whose mission is providing safety and quality services and solutions for food, environment, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer goods on a global basis. I know how an E-Commerce works: I’ve learned it at Geox SpA where I shot all products of the collection Fall Winter and Spring Summer 2013. I think I’m lucky: my reading speed is quite high as well as my speed in learning and memorizing the concepts I read. It’s also thanks to this that I completed my studies with good results and with no stop. I am curious and easily become interested in the most diverse things which; I consider myself creative and with a lot of ideas that I can use for quickly complete projects in the world of Digital Marketing and Web Content (photos & video).

I lived more than three months in Nottingham, UK, where I went to improve and reach a fluent business english and for analyzing the mechanisms and the relationship between client and companies created by social media in the world and in the Anglo-Saxon culture. If you wish to know more about me, as a person and a professional, please visit my website, full of pictures, videos, and curiosities.

If you are interested in my Curriculum:



This page contains three photo galleries to show you who I am and what I do, as looks also count.
I also developed a few video projects, with work and study colleagues and as video-maker.
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My work: from landscape to still life, from scene photos to emotional pictures



In action: how I am seen by others



Aerial pictures

Impossible Bazan

the impossible photography

An experimental project for studying something new, refined and exclusive in the photography,image and communication’s market.

An “Impossible Project” that combines an experienced photographer born with the large size film and the creativity and ideas of a young communication expert. These two people are my dad, Carlo Bazan, and me.

The idea that motivated us is linked to the act of leaving the photography’s uniformity and introduce something new in the market, something extremely refined and rare, in Polaroid style.

The Impossible 8×10 (large size) film, produced in the Polaroid factoryes, creates a unique and not reproducible result, , like all the others instant development films (e.g. Polaroid).


Each development process is completely manual and different from the previous: this allows to transform a simple photograph into an artwork that exists in a single objet d’art. Each shot takes about three weeks of work between production and manual post production. The film is strictly in black and white with a vintage style and with imperfections that beautify it: these are unique and related to the manual manipulation process.This film, the Impossible PQ 8×10, is specified for portraits, and also for still life, fashion promotion and clothing shot.

The project took the form of an exhibition “Impossible Bazan: portrait of an artist”, held at the Public Library of Montebelluna from 16th to 20th of April 2013. The event created a lot of interest among the people and among the mass media. Below you can find all the release of the event and you can see some photos of our experimental portfolio.

Periodically I add new images, for a continuous growth. If you want to stay up to date and see the new photos, please follow me on Twitter.

Several photos are published in the official gallery of “The Impossible Project“.

Official website of the project: Impossible Bazan.

Sponsorship of the project: Carlo Bazan Studio Multimediale.



Impossible Bazan 8×10

Impossible Video


My professional career has just started, but it’s already rich. I want to tell you about the experiences I mostly enjoyed or that have given a significant contribution to my education and training.


Memorie Labili

La fotografia dall’elicottero


I easily become interested in things. And when this happens, I do all I can to give and obtain the best. Let me tell you something about my main passions, that I could never live without, deeply rooted in my life.

Reading anything. I am lucky I can read quickly and when I have free time I like reading as many books as possible, mainly novels by contemporary writers, as well as great classics, history or science books. I am very curious and I’m eager to learn new things, also through reading.


it’s part of me, listening and playing music. I have attended several music courses since I was a child, and then focussed on studying saxophone for ten years. I played solo, in a sax quartet, a pop music band, and a young musician orchestra. Playing in a group of musicians is a great feeling, as every musician brings his/her own contribution and all together, in harmony, we create a global sound.


this passion has strongly rooted in me during the last few years, especially as concerns visual communications through a picture. Everything started when I was a child, when my parents gave me a compact camera (with film…) that I used to try and take my first photos, carefully checked by my father, a professional photographer.
When I grew up, with digital development and studying photography also at university, I bought my first reflex camera: a Nikon D60. With this camera, I started practicing the photography techniques that my father had taught me.

Then, I combined this passion with my flight passion and they became my job, as I’m specialised in aerial photography. You can see some of my (aerial and not) pictures in the photo gallery of my multimedia page.

Information Technology

one of my study sectors (at secondary school) has become a passion. From hardware to software and programming, with a special focus on the subject of IT networks and their security: the technologies allowing computers to communicate securely through coded data. My passion for this IT branch was considerably strengthened by my two trainings at a specialized unit in telecommunications of the Italian Army. I provide more details in the work section.


when I got on a helicopter for the first time – I was nine years old – I would have stayed. And I always went with my father when he made professional photographic services. I learned how to do it unconsciously. When I was 16, I tried to get a pilot’s licence, but I preferred to focus on my school. And now that I’ve finished school, maybe…


from skiing to swimming. From trekking to target shooting. I like doing activities and keeping fit. I am also in the competition team of National Target Shooting of Treviso, where I practice P10, compressed air gun at 10 metres.


LEGO® bricks

I grew up with these wonderful games that taught me many things: manual skills, creativity, and inventiveness to create the most diverse constructions. I think that LEGO bricks are the best game ever for a child.


I promised curiosities and treats. You will find a few here, where I tell you a few important or curious and nice parts of my life through pictures and short descriptions.